> Creating report filter
 > Types of Report filters
    > Attribute Qualification
    > Set Qualification
    > Report as filter
    > Filter Qualification
> Set operator

Advanced filters
   > Attribute to attribute filtering
   > Joint element list
   > Dynamic dates
   > Import filter elements
   > Pass through functions
   > Set qualification- qualifying on metrics
   > Set qualification- Relationship filters

A filter specifies the condition that the data must meet to be included in report.

Attribute qualification
Enables to specify the conditions that attribute elements must satisfy to be included in the report results.

Attribute element list qualification

Attribute form qualification

Date qualification

Set qualification filter
Enable to restrict report results based on a metric.

Shortcut to a Report (Report as Filter)
The result set of an existing report object can be used as a report filter condition for another report. Often the result set of one report is exactly what is needed to filter another report.

Shortcut to a Filter (Filter qualification)
Existing report filter objects are used to as filter condition for other report.

Set Operator

Advanced Filters

Attribute-to-Attribute Filtering
Attribute-to-Attribute comparison filters enable you to create reports that compare values of two attributes using their respective attribute forms. eg. you can create a report that retrieves only those orders that were shipped within 2 days of their order date by comparing ship date with order date + 2.

Joint element List
enables you to choose combinations of attribute elements from different attributes to filter a report.
(2007 AND Northeast) OR (2008 AND Central)

Dynamic Dates

Import filter elements
You can import filter elements into the filter edition from sources other than MicroStrategy.

Pass-through functions
are intended to provide access to the special functions that are not standard in MicroStrategy but are provided by various RDBMS platforms.

Set Qualification
Output level
Break by
Metric-to-metric comparison
Relationship filters

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